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Following a project until the end!

Following a project until the end!

It’s seldom that we get to fully appreciate the warmth felt from those receiving the gifts, as we often are only part of the beginning.

Very kindly, a customer has shared their journey with us, from the initial laser work to the assembly, and with the recipients.

We were asked to engrave these soft wood slated pieces to form a gorgeous planter for a very special couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

The rose would have been stunning alone, but with the personal creation of the planter from their son, we able to make the gift eternal with the names of each family celebrating with the milestone achievers,

Below features a few images that show the creation in stages. What project have you got planned?

Teachers Leaving Gifts

Teachers Leaving Gifts

Well – this year was a little different wasn’t it!

Normally the last day’s of terms (especially Primary) are frenzied events – parents lining up to offer their thanks to the professionals who have helped their children grow over the past 12 months.

This year was, rather sadly, school grounds with rolling tumbleweeds, or socially distanced affairs.

I’m certain that the teachers were still overwhelmed with the efforts made.

Here – laser cut plywood heart pieces, and heart engraved name. Elements of the overseas teacher are glued to the plywood to complete their journey.

Working with local businesses

Working with local businesses

Welcome Back Roslin!

Welcome Back Roslin Beach Hotel!

Happy to be able to support local businesses get back to serving their loyal customers.
After a long and patient period of closure – the 4 star venue was able to re-open in line with Government guidelines, after a mountainous effort and many hours of deep cleaning in preparation.

This “Welcome Back” sign was made with laser grade plywood, over 2M long, with a joined up font – all made possible with clever jigsaw like joins.

Welcome Back play
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